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The first title on labour history was published in July 2021. A second book will come out early in 2022.  

£10.99, ISBN 978-1-9168931-0-8

Author, M M Borodin, Translated by Pete Dickenson

On the dispute’s centenary, the first English publication of The Great Betrayal. Prime Minister Lloyd George later compared it to a civil war. With the miners in the vanguard, a wave of militancy swept through the organised working class after the first world war, inspired by the recent revolution in Russia. In 1920 Councils of Action had been spontaneously formed to oppose sending British troops to fight the Red Army. TUC leaders threatened a general strike under pressure from the mass movement. The insurgent mood was carried into 1921 and revolution was talked about in wide circles.
Writing in the lockout’s immediate aftermath, Borodin’s detailed account unearths extensive evidence of the workers’ militant and often revolutionary mood. He also reveals the wide extent of preparations made at local level by key unions backing the miners to take over essential services and food distribution. The author exposes the Labour and trade union leaders’ fear of revolution and launches a blistering attack for their betrayal of their members and the whole working class. “…the working class could expect to live through…still worse betrayals until it freed itself from its right wing leaders”.

After the dispute, in July 1921, Borodin met miners and their supporters at the Moscow founding conference of the Red International of Labour Unions. His interview with Will Hewlett, a South Wales miner, is included here. A few months later the author toured the most militant mining areas and was influential in setting up the Miners’ Minority Movement. The editor discusses why the 1922 Russian publication was not translated at the time. There is a short biography of M. M. Borodin.

The second publication will be:


Author: Pete Dickenson

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"Planning for the Planet puts forward a credible and well researched socialist programme for combating climate change and protecting the environment" Justin Pollard, Dept. of Geography, University of Exeter.

"This is a clearly written book that will appeal to a wide audience- to socialists, green activists, trade unionists, students and academics. Excellent for provoking critical debate among students on this question." David Beale, Manchester Business School, Manchester University


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